Tandoori Chicken Roll-ups

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Tandoori Chicken Roll-ups

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Don’t Play With Your Food.

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Unless you can score high.

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Chinese Slang.

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Stop focusing on those language barriers! We’re all way more alike than you think.

Wait… If “Fo shizzle, mah nizzle” is a bastardation of “For sheezy, my neezy”… Then does that mean that they’re selling Beef Peezy?

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Breakfast With Will Ferrell.

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As if Man vs. Wild wasn’t entertaining enough as it is, they had to throw in one of my favorite comedic actors, Will Ferrell!

Now, as a foodie, nothing grabs my attention from this show more than the crazy ass stuff they eat! Lizards, snakes, bugs, feces… sometimes with a side of urine… Yes. I know. NOT delicious. More like disgusting… BUT… Isn’t it all just really fascinating?

Let’s challenge some foodies to head out into the wilderness and try to make a gourmet meal out of what they find! OooOooOoo… now THAT’s a reality TV show.  (Copyrighted by TrixiePixieStix.)



The Swine Flu Epidemic Continues.

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Peanut Brittle = Delicious.

Swine = Delicious.

Peanut Brittle + Swine = THIS.

Alas, I have yet to try it! You’d think it would work out, right? I mean… Wouldn’t it be similar to having maple syrup clinging to your bacon when you have breakfast? The whole salty & sweet thing is in now.

Reading up on EatMeDaily’s review though… It was apparently too Bacon-ey. I didn’t know that was possible! So sad…

But for those of you who actually crave for an overdose on bacon flavor… You should do it! Followed by a shot of that damn Bakon Vodka!

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If Delicious Were Liquified.

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Thanks to Enrique Enfuego of Rocksoft for sharing this deliciousness to the world.

“Strawberry Starburst in a bottle” you say?? Shiiieeeet… I would eat a steak of strawberry starburst with a side of mashed strawberry bursts on the side. I am SO looking out for this. Maybe I’ll buy some from Fitz’s.

I wonder what it’d be like mixed with that Bakon Vodka? Ha! Alright, alright… Something more ideal. Like Godiva Chocolate liqueur. Chocolate dipped strawberries… Ohhhhhh……


Would You Like Some Eggs and a Glass of Bakon?

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Bacon flavored Vodka, that is! For you lushes out there… What better way to start the morning than with a glass of vodka instead of your average glass of OJ.

Start your day right.